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Promoting British Values

British Values

As a school we will also uphold the Department for Education’s five part definition of fundamental British Values;

  • Democracy – we will learn about how voices are heard and how the people are represented

  • The rule of law – we will learn about how justice is done in the UK

  • Individual liberty – we will learn to uphold our rights and learn how individual views are expressed within the law

  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith – we will learn to respect those who are different from us and to understand their views even if we don’t hold
    them ourselves

These values are taught in lessons and in assemblies, but most importantly in action as we work together day by day and grow to become the best people we can be. Key opportunities that the children of Chiltern will have to enable these values to grow and develop include;

  • The chance to visit parliament in Key Stage 2

  • The chance to participate in regular debate (P4C)

  • The opportunity to elect pupil representatives to School Council

  • The chance to work in teams and other collaborative settings

  • The chance to experience a wide range of cultures in artistic, culinary, literacy, RE and Learning
    Journey activities

  • The chance to learn how to keep themselves safe from extremist views

Promoting British Values

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