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The School Day

School starts at 8.40am with a soft start– the children come straight into their classrooms and hang up their coats ready for the school day. The school gates get closed at 8.50am. It is important to be on time.

We finish school at 3.10pm. Please collect your child promptly, the gates open at 3.05pm. The children will be looked after until they are collected.

Lunch is from 11.20am until 1.05pm. The lunchtime is staggered over this period, children have 55 minutes to eat their lunch and play with their friends. Children are supervised by our Midday Supervisors.

There are break times in the morning and children have the opportunity to carry out their mile run three afternoons a week.

Please ensure your child is equipped for the day, PE kits, book bags, water bottles and wearing their school uniform. Thank you

It is essential that parents telephone the school (on 01482 327315) to report any illness, if their child will be absent from school.

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