Promoting Cooperative Values


We have a duty to prepare children for life in modern Britain and to keep them safe. A key way of doing this is to teach our pupils a range of values that will enable them to play their part in a country and a city that is increasingly diverse.


Co-Operative Values

As the Thrive Co-Operative Learning Trust we will ensure that our pupils are taught the values of:


  • Self-help – we will help each other for mutual benefit

  • Self-responsibility – we will all play a full part in school life

  • Democracy – we will listen to each other and represent their views

  • Equality – we will respect everyone’s equal rights

  • Equity – we will treat each other justly and fairly

  • Solidarity – we will support each other

  • Ethical Values – we will act with;

    • honesty

    • openness

    • social responsibility

    • care for others