This information was updated on Wednesday 6th January 2021

Our school is open for vulnerable children, key worker children as well as nursery children, this is in line with the latest government guidance.  This is an ever changing situation and is to support the national lockdown and help reduce the spread of Covid 19. All other children will continue to learn using our remote learning opportunities, which their class teachers are providing on a daily basis via the website. Staff from our school will be contacting you regularly to provide support for the children and ensure they can access the opportunities available to them. 

Devices and dongles have already been provided for 90 families, please let the teachers know if you are having difficuly accessing the remote learning by emailing them at their year group email.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs J Marshall.

Lockdown 3 Free School Meal Vouchers

Free School Meals: We will send each eligible child 3 x £23.60 vouchers for the 6-week period so the equivalent of £11.80 per week.

The will be sent out as follows: £23.60 – 7th/8th January, £30 – 18th/19th January, £30 – 1st/2nd February

All queries on these vouchers need to come to